Photo Documentation

This week we will focus on P3’s Photo Documentation capability. NFPA 58 provides specific instruction about how a tank set should be completed. Photo documentation is a great way to confirm NFPA compliance.

Reasons for photo documentation ? can be used in two ways to ensure your containers are NFPA compliant:

  • Technicians can document the location at the time an installation or tank set takes place
    Field personnel should be instructed to take the photo in a manner that allows someone viewing the pictures to understand the environment that the tanks are in (a good general guideline is to place the tank on the edge of the photo frame and ensure that an area of about 10 feet to the side is visible).
  • Drivers can easily report and record point of transfer violations or any other unsafe situations that should be addressed
View Tank Distance Standards Here
When you are ready to get the photos into the P3 database, you can do so by going to Enter and then Photo Documentation.

From there you can enter any pertinent information about the photos, as well as upload all of the photos provided.

Once the photo inspection has been saved you can view it from the dashboard or through the Photo Documentation Flash Report:

If you missed our last tip covering Leak Check Issues you can find that here.
If you have any questions about this functionality or any other part of P3, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by replying directly to this email or by calling 207.712.8224.
Next time we will plan to talk about what to do with the photos once they have been entered into P3.

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