Protect Your Company from Liability

Your propane company does great work, and you should document it! On average, 50% of all propane accidents are caused by DIY homeowners. This can happen when homeowners modify their container or property, leading to unsafe conditions where the container no longer meets regulatory distance requirements from the building or sources of ignition. In the event of litigation, it’s your word against theirs. Photo documentation is the best tool out there to protect yourself.


“P3’s photo documentation feature helps our management see what’s happening in the field and verifies our compliance with NFPA 58 requirements. I can’t believe we weren’t using this earlier!”

– Andy Staub, Regional Manager of the Southern Tier, NOCO Energy, NY

A New Standard for Propane Tank Setting & Safety Inspections

Photo documentation has become a popular tool for propane marketers to document compliance, but if you aren’t reviewing those photos, what good is the documentation? P3’s Safety Inspection Container Location Documentation has revolutionized photo documentation by providing a turnkey review process that makes it easy for marketers to review documentation, streamline the new customer process, train technicians, and maintain compliance requirements.

Here’s How It Works

1. Take a Photo of the Container Location

P3 provides detailed instructions on what photos your team needs to take in the field.

2. Photos Electronically Stored

Photos automatically uploaded to the P3 Propane dashboard for documentation and review.

3. Issues Flagged for Review & Tracked for Follow Up

Noncompliant or problematic containers are flagged for review for management and tracked if a follow-up site visit is required

P3 Photo Review Images


  • Avoid Liability from Homeowner Alterations

    Dated photo documentation shows that propane tanks are NFPA compliant, and modifications to tank placement or the property by the homeowner are not your responsibility.

  • Identify & Resolve Problem Tanks

    Real-time upload and review of photos to the P3 dashboard allows management to identify any problem propane tanks and flag them for follow up.

  • Give Techs Real-Time Feedback

    Propane service technicians can get customized coaching and feedback in real-time so that they can modify their work, prevent future errors, and avoid repeat visits.

  • Earn Extra Points with Your Insurance Provider

    Photo documentation is a tool that insurance companies love because it offers real risk reduction and liability protection for propane clients.

On-Site Condition Reporting for Propane Drivers

Safety inspection container location documentation is just the beginning! Propane companies across the country are working with P3 to increase efficiency and minimize liability with more applications for photo documentation. On-site condition reporting allows propane drivers to document any tank issues they see when completing deliveries. All they have to do is take a photo, upload it to the P3 dashboard, and your team will be notified to review for correction.


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