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“Using P3’s integration with Blue Cow completely streamlines the entire safety documentation process. Documentation gathered by technicians in the field is automatically synced with the customer’s account information in Blue Cow which is a huge time-saver for our office staff.”

John Bowman, F. F. Hitchcock Company

Our Integration Partners

The P3 Compliance System integrates with a variety of back-office software including ADD Systems, AgVantage, AWE, Blue Cow, Cargas, and FuelMor. Propane marketers can seamlessly navigate from their back-office software to the P3 Compliance system in seconds, at the touch of a button. P3’s integrations with these back-office software platforms provide the following benefits to your propane company:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Adds convenience to your operations
  • Saves you time and billable hours
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Helps with tank asset tracking (see explanation below)

By sending customer losses to the P3 Propane Safety team, the Compliance System aids propane marketers in recovering lost or forgotten tanks left at previous customer locations. Our team can check the balance by looking up the tank in the integration, helping to ensure you get every tank back that you are owed.

P3 Integrations in the News

Cargas Integration with P3 Propane

Cargas Anounces Phase 2 of Integration with P3 Propane Safety, 


Cargas New Integration with P3 Propane

Cargas Announces New Integration between Cargas Energy and P3 Propane Safety, September 2020


P3 Propane and Blue Cow Integration

P3 Propane Safety and ADD Systems Annouce New Interface, P3 Propane Safety

P3 Propane and Blue Cow Integration

Blue Cow Software and P3 Propane Safety Announce New Integration, P3 Propane Safety

AWE and P3 software Integration

AWE Software and P3 Propane Safety Announce New Integration

FuelMor and P3 Propane Safety Announce New Integration

“Everybody I talk to across the country, if they’re not doing P3, I tell them they need to consider it. There are far too many companies that aren’t doing safety inspections properly, and from an overall safety perspective, you need to do anything you can to avoid catastrophic incidents. P3 is something you absolutely should be using.”
– Saul Cohen, Product Specialist at Cargas Energy

“All marketers should be using P3—I’m a 100% believer in it. I will speak to anyone that has any questions about P3. Because of the simplicity of it, the inclusivity of it, and just being able to sleep at night.”
– Ed Geswell, Owner of Pilgrim Propane