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Customer Agreements

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Customer agreements are a significant part of your safety documentation program and propane business. From the start, they define the relationship between your company and the customer. How they are completed, documented, and stored directly impacts the efficiency of your technicians and office staff. And if your customer agreement process doesn’t meet the standards recommended by legal experts, your company could be at serious risk. Fortunately, P3 Propane Safety can help ensure you have a bulletproof customer agreement process.


Multi-Step Agreements to Cover Your Bases

Initial Agreement

Every propane marketer should use a multi-step customer agreement process. Whenever a new customer calls to sign up for propane service, the CSR should start an initial agreement. Initial agreements collect and organize all necessary information to complete the task, outline terms and conditions, and include verbal confirmation for a customer signature.

Finalized Agreement

When your service team first visits the customer location to complete the job, update and finalize the agreement with the customer. This leaves no room for credibility issues that can be caused when a customer signs an agreement before the task is complete or changes their mind.

Leverage Technology for Customer Agreements

Get away from paper forms, and enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and organization of digital documentation. P3 is pleased to offer:

  • Multi-step customer agreements completed on mobile forms
  • Error-recognition technology with automatic alerts for missing or incomplete information
  • Mobile professor provides detailed code explanation when needed
  • Detailed terms and conditions approved by legal experts
  • Professionally designed agreement sent to the customer and stored for your records

Code Compliance Summary

Try Out P3’s Customer Agreement Process

Legal counsel recommends propane businesses have a customer agreement in place for every account, including customer-owned tanks. The customer agreement legally defines the relationship between the propane supplier and the customer and includes clear terms and conditions.

Contact us to see how intuitive the P3 customer agreement process is, and learn how you can benefit from greater protection with mobile safety documentation today.