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P3 Propane Safety Webinar Series

P3 Propane Safety is pleased to host a variety of free propane safety webinars. Join us for upcoming webinars to get the latest on best practices for safety documentation, updates on technology that can help improve efficiencies, and hear from industry experts on important regulatory requirements, training recommendations, risk management, and more.

What You Need to Know about Security Plans

Presented by Brent Cammett, Senior Consultant of Safety and Training at P3 Propane Safety, and Dennis Sullivan, Regional Manager of PitStop Fuels.
Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 1 p.m. EDT
Dennis Sullivan of PitStop Fuels and Brent Cammett of P3 Propane Safety are teaming up to present a 20-minute snapshot of the Security Plans that P3 offers to propane marketers across the country.

The Department of Transportation Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR 172.802) identifies required components of a security plan for propane marketers that transport hazardous materials (HAZMAT). If your company falls into this category, you need a security plan to protect your employees, your customers, and your company.
Topics will include:

  • Which companies are required to have written security plans
  • How to plan, conduct, and document security plan training
  • When to review and revise/update security plans

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Assisting You with Multi-Location Reporting

Presented by Kyle Koerber, Chief Operating Officer of P3 Propane Safety, and Ed Otis, South Zone Propane Training Manager of Star Group, L.P.
Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 1 p.m. EDT
It’s been an ongoing challenge for multi-location propane marketers to effectively run and manage efficient safety programs. P3 has developed several tools to review various business locations, identify the ones meeting and exceeding goals, and determine which ones need additional support and guidance.

Join this 20-minute webinar to hear from Kyle Koerber of P3 Propane Safety and Ed Otis of Star Group about P3’s multi-location reporting functionality and how it helps marketers effectively manage multi-location operations with ease and efficiency.

Most Common Propane Safety Documentation Errors

Presented by Shawn Litchfield, Regional Vice President of P3 Propane Safety, Terry Babcock, Supervisor of Technical & Safety Training, and Leon Henry, Technical Trainer, both of Superior Plus Propane. 
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at 1 p.m. EDT
The propane industry averages a 30% error rate on safety documentation. This means that about one-third of your documentation will not protect your company in the event of a catastrophic failure. P3 Mobile and the P3 Compliance System can help reduce your error rate to less than 5% so that your company is better protected.
Topics will include:

  • How error-recognition technology works
  • Documentation and code requirement guidelines
  • The ways your company will be better protected by increasing documentation’s accuracy and completion

Join us for a 20-minute webinar where Shawn Litchfield and Terry Babcock discuss how P3’s error-recognition technology has helped Superior Plus Propane reduce their error rate and shrink their risk portfolio.

The Integration between P3 Propane Safety and Cargas Energy

Presented by Kyle Koerber, Chief Operating Officer of P3 Propane Safety, and Saul Cohen, Product Specialist of Cargas Energy.
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 1 p.m. EDT
P3 and Cargas Energy have partnered to provide their clients with important additional benefits to promote safety and efficiency. Join this short webinar to learn more about the integration between the two software providers, including benefits such as:

  • P3 is pre-populated by Cargas with customer name, address, and account number information (updated daily)
  • The integration offers greater accuracy and efficiency for field team and office staff members
  • Phase II streamlines the user experience by allowing P3 compliance reporting to be accessed with a click of a button through the Cargas Customer Account Details screen

Together P3 and Cargas help marketers stay safe with better safety documentation and regulatory compliance reporting. Learn more by saving your spot in this webinar.

Previous Webinars

Check out our library of previous webinars for more expert advice on safety documentation, regulatory requirements, and more.

Best Practice for Cathodic Protection Inspections

Presented by Kyle Koerber, Chief Operating Officer at P3 Propane Safety, Brent Cammett, Senior Consultant of Safety and Training at P3 Propane Safety, and Robert Kenney, Managing Director at Metsa Tanks.

Did you know that routine cathodic testing is required for underground tanks 2011 or newer by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code 58? In this short webinar, our experts will meet with Robert Kenney of Metsa Tanks to discuss the importance of cathodic protection testing and how to use P3 Mobile to make your cathodic protection inspection process more efficient.
Topics will include:

  • Cathodic protection code requirements
  • How propane marketers can promote cathodic testing for customer-owned propane tanks
  • Utilizing mobile technology to streamline the cathodic testing & safety documentation process

Join P3’s March webinar to ensure your company is up to speed on cathodic testing requirements and best practice.

The Importance of Regular Safety Meetings

Presented by John Horner, Senior Consultant of Safety and Training at P3 Propane Safety, and Ed Lockwood, Director of Operations at Adirondack Energy Products.
Monthly Safety Meeting Programs related to your company’s operational Policies and Procedures play a critical role in focusing employees’ attention to safety and knowledge of seasonal requirements. In this webinar, we’ll discuss what the scope of your propane company’s Safety Meetings should include, such as:

  • Language to cover the health and welfare of employees and customers
  • Requirements as promulgated by DOT, NFPA, and OSHA

Required Training & Documentation for Bobtail Drivers

Presented by Shawn Litchfield, Regional Vice President of P3 Propane Safety, and Bob Butkus, Senior District Marketing Manager of Federated Insurance.

Do your procedures for hiring, onboarding, and documenting bobtail drivers meet your insurance requirements? The propane industry strictly regulates training and documentation necessary for all propane bobtail drivers. In this 20-minute webinar, Shawn Litchfield of P3 Propane Safety and Bob Butkus of Federated Insurance will dive into requirements and documentation for both bobtails and drivers. Join us for a refresher on the following topics.
New employee hiring requirements:

  • Required CDL endorsements
  • Physical and medical minimums
  • FMCSA authorization
  • 3-year clean drug/alcohol record
  • Crash record documentation
  • Federated’s Drive Safe program

Active driver requirements & inspections:

  • Monthly meter creep test & discharge system inspections
  • Site condition driver reporting

Documenting Out-of-Gas Scenarios

Presented by Shawn Litchfield, Regional Vice President, P3 Propane Safety, and David Latourell, Director of Regulatory Compliance at Paraco Gas Corporation.

As the weather starts to cool down and your customers need propane deliveries on the daily, more frequent out-of-gas scenarios arise at residential and commercial jobsites across the country. It’s essential that your team of propane professionals is trained and equipped to respond, remediate, and document these events accurately and efficiently.

Join us for a brief webinar to hear Dave Latourell of Paraco Gas discuss some of the primary ways he guides his team to handle these challenging situations. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to see a live demonstration from Shawn Litchfield of P3 Propane Safety on how to document out-of-gas scenarios in the P3 Compliance System. We hope to see you there!

What Every Propane Marketer Needs for Winter

Presented by Wes Sheppard, Senior Consultant – Training & Safety at P3 Propane Safety.

Policies and Procedures are critical for your propane company to implement. In this webinar, we will cover details surrounding the top five must-have Policies and Procedures for winter:

Five Must-Have Policies and Procedures during the Winter

  1. Interruption of Service Procedures (#1 issue during winter season)
  2. Leak Checks & Documentation
  3. Hazard Warning Tag
  4. Bobtail Loading & Unloading Procedures
  5. Stationary Container Installation Pre-Fill Inspection

Why Are Policies & Procedures Critical?

Policies and Procedures serve as a guiding document that outlines the who, what, where, when, and how of your propane company’s daily operations. Policies and Procedures created by P3 Propane Safety are designed to help your company meet required industry regulations while being completely customized to your company’s specific needs. Additionally, your Policies and Procedures Manual guides employee training and your safety documentation process. Join us for this short webinar to learn more!


How to Prepare Your Drivers for Winter

Presented by Alex Burns, Vice President of P3 Propane Safety, Patrick Darcey, CIC, Vice-President of Commercial Lines at Provider Group, and David Medeiros, Business Advisor & DOT Compliance Trainer at David J. Medeiros Consulting.

There’s no doubt about it—winter is a busy and dangerous time for propane delivery providers. November and December are the time of year when it’s critical to ensure your propane delivery drivers are prepared for winter and all the nuances the season brings with it.

In this webinar, Patrick Darcey of Provider Group and David Medeiros of David J. Medeiros Consulting will share how they recommend preparing drivers for winter to facilitate a safe and compliant season for everyone involved.

In addition to helping you make sure your drivers have the right training, we’ll also dive into the easiest way for you to provide proper documentation for your preparation. To wrap up the webinar, Alex Burns of P3 Propane Safety will demonstrate how to perform a monthly meter creep test and a leak check in the P3 Compliance System, the industry’s leading propane safety documentation and compliance software. We look forward to seeing you there!


Interruption of Service

Presented by Kyle Koerber, COO of P3 Propane Safety and Lyndon Rickards, Director of Safety & Compliance at the Propane Education & Research Council

Heading into the busiest time of year for propane companies means more frequent deliveries and the greater likelihood of more frequent interruption of service calls from customers. Do you know the types of situations beyond out-of-gas calls that fall into the interruption of service category? Does your company have a solid plan in place to respond to, resolve, and document interruption of service situations? In this short webinar we will cover:

  • Common reasons for interruption of service inspections and best practices for response and documentation
  • Examples of common mistakes to avoid within your interruption of service response process
  • Documenting interruption of service P3


DOT 5-Year Cylinder Requalification

Presented by Alex Burns, Vice President of P3 Propane Safety, and Ed Otis, Regional Training, Safety, and Compliance Manager, Star Group LP

Join us for a quick webinar to see how P3 makes it simple for propane marketers to meet their DOT 5-year cylinder requalification requirement. Hear from our guest, Ed Otis from Star Group, about how this feature has helped their company stay compliant with the DOT requirement and increase overall efficiencies.

Customer Agreements

Presented by Kyle Koerber, COO P3 Propane Safety and John G. Hansen Esq., McCoy, Leavitt & Laskey

Did you know that 50% of propane accidents are caused by DIY homeowner modifications? Customer agreements are a critical liability reduction tool for propane marketers and can serve as protection in the event of an accident and subsequent litigation. Join us for a short webinar where we discuss best practices for customer agreements with John Hansen, a practicing lawyer specializing in propane accidents.


Replacing Regulators

Presented by Kyle Koerber, COO of P3 Propane Safety and Mike Tartaglia, Technical Support & Training Supervisor of Marshall Excelsior Company

Tracking regulators in your portfolio to ensure they are replaced before their manufacturer-recommended expiration is critical to reduce risk and maintain overall compliance. It is also critical that prior to putting a regulator into service its testing is documented. In this short webinar, learn what guidelines you should have in place, what testing is required, and how P3 makes it easy to manage regulator compliance.