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Safety Meetings

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Is Your Company Conducting Regular Propane Safety Meetings?

Safety meetings related to your company’s operations and policies & procedures play a critical role in focusing employees’ attention on safety and knowledge of seasonal requirements. Safety meetings are an integral part of any propane safety program because company-wide communication is essential to maintain compliance with DOT, OSHA, and other state propane regulatory requirements. Creating a monthly calendar of safety and operational topics is a key strategy that can help you save time, reduce risk, and improve efficiency overall.


Benefits of Conducting Regular Safety Meetings

We make it simple and easy for you to conduct and document your regular monthly safety meetings. The materials we can provide include:

Monthly Safety Meeting Guides: 2 to 3 pages of presentable safety material highlighting a single safety topic each month.
Monthly Safety Testing Quizzes: 5 to 8 question quizzes based on the Monthly Safety topic materials.
Employee Documentation: Employee sign-in sheets to help you keep track and follow up with team members who missed the training.


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