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Regulatory Compliance Reporting

“Being able to report on all the information going into the P3 Compliance System is only going to improve everybody’s operation and safety for the entire propane industry.”

—Ed Otis, South Zone Propane Training Manager, Star Group, L.P., MA

Accurate and efficient reporting is an essential part of your propane operation. P3 Propane Safety simplifies the propane reporting process with innovative new features in the reporting sector, including automated reports and multilocation reporting for your convenience. This page details the various types of reporting available to propane marketers who are taking advantage of the offerings of the P3 Compliance System and P3 Mobile App.

Available reports include:

  • Regulator expiration report
  • Tagged equipment and container report
  • No Duty to Warn customer signature report
  • Photo documentation
  • Monthly meter creep test
  • DOT cylinder
  • Cathodic inspection
  • CSST flash
  • Operating test (leak check, pressure test, flow and lock-up)
  • Field performance activity
  • Priority follow-up
  • Safety inspections
  • And more


Automated Propane Safety Reporting

When you use P3’s automated reporting functionality, there’s no need to juggle and update multiple spreadsheets. Reports for the following propane safety inspections are created automatically upon entry of inspections using our mobile documentation service:

  • DOT cylinders
  • Cathodic protection inspections
  • Regulator replacements
  • Tank sets
  • And more

Multi-Location Reporting

This is a significant and powerful feature for propane companies with multiple locations. You’ve heard it before: if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Make your multi-location reporting a breeze with the P3 Compliance System, which is designed for multiple propane marketing locations.

  • It’s easy to toggle between locations. Simply select different locations in the drop-down menu.
  • Compare multiple locations easily to find opportunities for additional training and follow-ups.
  • Benefit from management tools such as quickly identifying which locations are falling short.

Check Out P3’s Reporting

Photo Documentation

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Cathodic Protection Inspection

Code & Compliance Summary