Winter Driving Safety Tips

Bobtails are at the greatest risk for accidents when roads are slippery, and visibility is low. Winter weather can sneak up on even the most cautious drivers, and we know it takes just a second for a mistake to happen that can turn into an accident. This can result in significant losses, including injury to your driver, fleet costs, a laid-up delivery truck, worker’s compensation, and more. Here are some tips from the experts at P3 Propane Safety to help your drivers stay safe this winter.

Top Tips for Safe Winter Driving

  • Prioritize heightened awareness: take into consideration the weather forecast, if temperatures are below freezing or not, and what speed of wind is expected for the day
  • Federal regulations require pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, which include checking your fuel and fluid levels and clearing snow off mirrors, windows, lights, wipers, and the roof. his helps your drivers see better and other drivers see your truck more easily
  • Keep a close eye out for brake lights, and adjust braking accordingly. Always allow plenty of space for stopping and last-minute lane changes from other drivers
  • Allow 7–14 seconds between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, and do your best to anticipate what’s ahead of them
  • Use caution when using entrance and exit lanes—entry at too great a speed puts the driver and vehicle at risk
  • Choose delivery locations strategically based on known obstacles, weather conditions, etc.
  • Exercise additional caution on bridges and at intersections, which freeze before main roads
  • Pack an extra bag with extra outerwear, tools, shovel, traction control, and any other necessary supplies
  • Don’t forget to do your monthly meter creep test—missing one is a finable offense and has an easy solution via the P3 Compliance System

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