5 Reasons P3 Is Imperative for Multi-Location Propane Marketers

#1: Review safety inspections from any location and eliminate costly and inefficient field audits

The digital, cloud-based platform will help you eliminate travel time for safety inspection audits—after all, managers and trainers can simply view photos of the jobsite. In addition, the online software platform helps you identify specific coaching and training needs your employees have, so you can provide instant feedback that resonates.

#2: Monthly and annual bulk plant inspections are easily cataloged for the entire network

We’re thrilled to be rolling out a brand-new bulk plant inspection and reporting process. This new functionality is going to revolutionize the way multi-location marketers manage bulk plant inspection, maintenance, and compliance programs. If you have a distributed network, P3 is the digital compliance software for you. Our digital filing cabinet allows for instant recall of documentation completed in the past. No more stressed rifling through filing cabinets, especially when you aren’t even sure which location to start looking at.

#3: Virtually eliminate field errors with P3’s Mobile Professor™ and Error-Recognition Technology

Many marketers face inconsistency when completing propane safety documentation, such as:

  • Safety inspections
  • Monthly meter creep tests
  • Plant inspections
  • Cylinder requalification
  • Cathodic inspections

Significantly reduce your company’s documentation error rate by employing P3’s accuracy-improving features such as Mobile Professor, which helps your field team identify intent of the questions, and Error-Recognition Technology, which stops empty fields and incorrect values in their tracks until remediation is offered by the driver or technician.

#4: Save inspection time in the field and in the office by switching to mobile and eliminating the filing process

P3’s cloud-based system can easily recall monthly and yearly inspections at the click of a button. Rather than storing inspection forms in filing cabinets at one location, you can have everything filed digitally in a system that anyone on your team can search in seconds. Additionally, as data is input in the field, we automatically generate your regulatory compliance reporting.

#5: Take do-it-yourselfer liability off the table with P3’s photo documentation feature

50% of all propane accidents are caused by a do-it-yourselfer—we’re sure you’ve seen it all. P3’s photo documentation process records your compliance with NFPA 58 regulations. By having your field team take pictures of the container looking back at the structure, we can prove that you met regulatory compliance requirements and provide evidence so it’s not just your word against the homeowner’s in the event of a catastrophic incident.

P3 Is the Industry Standard for Compliance Documentation and Regulatory Reporting

If you are a propane marketer in the United States with multiple locations, you need P3 Propane Safety in your organization. Get in touch with our team to request more information or a free demo of the platform—we promise that once you come on board, you’ll never look back.