Improving Efficiency for Propane Bobtail Drivers

For both ASME and DOT containers, the distance from any building’s openings, external sources of ignition, and intakes to direct vented gas appliances or mechanical ventilation systems are critical considerations. Maintaining an efficient and effective process that allows your drivers to identify container location violations and your management to remediate them is critical.

Many companies have drivers report the violation to either managers or customer service representatives. There are numerous problems with this antiquated system, including the risk of remediation slipping through the cracks or the report not containing enough information.

There’s a faster, more efficient, and more detailed way for your drivers to document container location follow-ups. The P3 Compliance System’s mobile service allows drivers to document container location issues by simply taking a picture, which is then automatically flagged in your management dashboard for review. This results in:

  • Improved compliance with NFPA 58 ASME and DOT container location requirements
  • Greater safety for employees and customers
  • Reduction of liability for your company

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