The Importance of Regular Safety Meetings

Propane marketers have lots of responsibilities, not the least of which is providing employees the proper training and tools they need to stay safe on the job and comply with regulatory compliance requirements. Conducting regular safety meetings with your entire team is critical to foster an environment of safety.

How Often Should You Conduct Safety Meetings with Employees?

The more often you meet with your team, the more solidified critical safety points will become in their mindset and routine. Most propane safety experts recommend conducting safety meetings at least once a month, as well as whenever safety policies or procedures are updated or changed.

The 3-Step Process to Conducting Safety Meetings

  1. Create a schedule to plan and organize your safety meetings throughout the year.
  2. Evaluate and implement the training materials available for your safety meetings. If you have policies and procedures related to your training subject, include those in your meeting agenda. Don’t forget to review relevant CETP training materials and NFPA 54 and 58 regulations as well.
  3. After the safety meeting has been conducted, document the training and perform necessary follow-ups with anyone who missed it. Tracking your compliance with this best practice provides you with essential documentation if an incident were to occur.

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P3 Does It All

P3’s monthly safety meeting package makes it easy for marketers. We organize your topics, provide training materials, can help you with Policies & Procedures if needed, and have information to document your meetings after the fact. Give us a call—we’d love to make hosting and tracking safety meetings easier and more efficient for your propane company.

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