FAQs about Propane Driver Safety Evaluations

If you own or manage a propane business, you know how important delivery drivers are for the company this time of year. Driver safety evaluations are a valuable training tool for owners and managers because they are conducted while drivers are out on the road, and these ride-along evaluations can help companies meet the NFPA 58 code requirement for documented three-year refresher training and/or CETP bobtail skills evaluation. Read on to learn more about this important training service and to see if your company could benefit from driver safety evaluations this winter.

Answers to Common Questions about Propane Driver Safety Evaluations

Q: What is a propane driver safety evaluation?

A: Driver safety evaluations are conducted in the field during regular business hours. The trainer joins the driver for a ride-along, observing their performance on their route. They can provide real-time feedback to the driver and provide a summary report to management with recommendations for future training if needed.

Q: Will I have to pull my drivers from their routes to complete training?

A: No, that is what makes driver safety evaluations ideal for the winter months. Unlike other training that can take employees away from their regular duties, ride-along driver evaluations are conducted while staff are performing daily operations. Drivers receive one-on-one training from a propane safety expert while completing their delivery route. That way, your propane delivery operation keeps productivity on track.

Q: Why should I bother with driver safety evaluations? I think my team has it under control.

A: Having confidence in your employees is great, but accidents can happen. A bobtail accident is an extremely dangerous scenario that can put the driver and your company at risk. Just one accident could cost your company thousands of dollars in equipment damage and potential personal injury costs.

Q: How will a driver safety evaluation help my drivers?

A: Ride-along driver safety evaluations are designed to help delivery drivers be the best they can be. They give each driver the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a trainer so that they can get feedback that applies directly to their skills.

Q: How will a driver safety evaluation help my managers?

A: Driver safety evaluations give your management team a snapshot of how your delivery team operates out in the field. Based on the trainer’s feedback, they can assess where each driver is excelling and where there is room for improvement. Your management team gets an accurate report of each driver’s performance and recommendations if any additional training is needed.

Q: Are there any other benefits to driver safety evaluations?

A: Yes, an added benefit is that during a ride-along driver evaluation, your propane safety expert will audit each installation visited along the delivery route. They will evaluate propane installations based on NFPA 58 code requirements and identify any installations with compliance issues. A risk management report will be provided so that any critical issues can be corrected.

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