Top 3 Reasons to Book Driver Safety Evaluations this Winter

The risk of safety hazards on the road go up ten-fold during the winter. Your drivers are at their busiest and road conditions are at their worst. This makes it more important than ever to ensure that your propane delivery drivers have the skills they need to deliver propane safely. Ride-along driver evaluations during the busy season are one of the best hands-on trainings for your company to invest in right now. Here’s why:

Why Propane Companies Are Booking Ride-Along Driver Evaluation Training

Reason #1: Training without losing billable hours

Ride-along driver evaluations provide the unique opportunity for employees to receive training without losing time. Your drivers gain real-time tips and suggestions from their trainer while they are completing their regular routes. This allows them to learn on the job and helps your company maintain capacity when it matters most.

Reason #2: Real-time feedback and live error recognition

During a ride-along driver evaluation, training is totally customized to the driver. Their trainer can see how they operate from day-to-day and give them feedback in the moment. This speeds up the learning process for drivers and helps correct any errors right away.

Reason #3: Reports for managers and risk management review of propane installations

Your trainer provides training summaries for each driver, giving the management team valuable insight for employee reviews and future training. Plus, while the trainer is on the road they will be able to audit the installations visited based on NFPA 58 code requirements.

Propane Driver Safety Evaluations with PPE

P3 Propane Safety is offering ride-along driver safety evaluations with PPE to continue to offer this invaluable training service while maintaining safety for employees and trainers. Contact us to speak with a propane safety expert about ride-along driver evaluations or for a free training consult.