Does Your Crane Inspection Process Meet the Minimum Standard?

Whether you have recently begun using cranes or boom trucks at your propane business or have been utilizing them for years, it’s critical that proper safety inspections are performed and documented on a regular basis. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated. This blog post will go into detail about how, why, and when to perform crane inspections, as well as how to document your findings in an organized way you can trace when needed.

What You Need to Know About Crane Inspections at Propane Suppliers

Do You Have a Process for Crane Inspections at Your Propane Organization?

If not, that’s a great place to start. Monthly and annual crane & boom truck inspections should be part of your procedure so that everything stays operational—or can at least be quickly detected and repaired. If you don’t have a crane inspection policy and procedure in place, get in touch with P3’s experts to learn how we can help you make it happen.

Do Your Crane Inspections Meet Your Company Policy?

If you do have a crane/boom truck inspection process, you’re in a good position. Now it’s time to consider whether your inspections meet your company policy. Sometimes, over the years, actual practice can slowly slip away from written policies and procedures—take a hard look at your written documentation to determine if you’re still meeting the standard with the actual practice implemented in current day-to-day operations at your propane company.

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Do Your Employees Know What to Look for When Operating Cranes and Boom Trucks in the Propane Industry?

First of all, consider whether your equipment is working properly. Then ask yourself if your employees would recognize if it wasn’t. Proper inspection procedures are critical to safe crane/boom operation, both on and off the job site. Employees working around cranes/booms must be properly trained on the functionality of a crane in the propane industry specifically.

Does Your Crane Inspection Process Meet the Minimum Industry Standard?

In addition to employee training, you are required as a propane company to have an annual crane inspection by a qualified person and monthly inspections as noted in OSHA 1926.1412. P3 Propane Safety offers a mobile documentation application for monthly crane inspection that incorporates the following helpful tools and functionalities:

  • Mobile Professor: Automated form fields support and explain the process and relevant code information to technicians in the field.
  • Error Recognition Technology: Automatic alerts occur when inspection form fields are incomplete or noncompliant in real time with explanation.
  • Automated Reporting: Reports are created automatically upon entry of forms.
  • Cloud Storage: No need to worry about hard-to-decipher handwriting or paper forms being lost or damaged.
  • And More

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Need Help with Your Crane Inspections?

Contact a P3 Propane Safety professional for a brief chat about our mobile documentation app for crane inspection compliance. A team member will make efficient use of your time and get you on track to test out a free demonstration of this and other functionalities from P3 that will get you up to code, reduce your documentation error rate, and improve the compliance of your propane company as a whole. We look forward to speaking with you.