Cargas Announces New Integration between Cargas Energy and P3 Propane Safety

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – September 18, 2020 – Cargas is pleased to announce a new integration between Cargas Energy, leading software for fuel delivery and HVAC service companies, and the P3 Compliance System and Mobile Safety App by P3 Propane Safety, a leading provider of safety documentation, compliance, and training for the propane industry.

The new partnership provides an integrated solution, combining the P3 Compliance System and Mobile Safety App on one platform with access to customer account data from Cargas Energy. Integrating customer account information from Cargas Energy with the P3 Compliance System and Mobile Safety App streamlines the user experience and increases efficiencies for service technicians in the field and personnel in the offi­ce. Cargas Energy account losses and gains are updated daily in the P3 Compliance System to create a process to audit tank assets and ensure database integrity.

Customer benefits include direct access to Cargas Energy customer account data, mobile inspections completed faster with greater accuracy, photo documentation of tank set assets, real-time error recognition and reduction, customized training opportunities to improve technician performance, increased efficiencies for o­ffice personnel, enhanced auditing capabilities for management, and more.

“P3 is a leader in safety in the energy industry,” said Barry Ackerman, Sales Manager at Cargas. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with them through this new integration and to bring our customers new functionality to better support their safety documentation and compliance needs.”

“We see firsthand how the Cargas team continues to evolve and advance their product to deliver a tremendous benefit to their clients and the industry,” said Kyle Koerber, Chief Operating Officer at P3 Propane Safety. “This integration will provide critical regulatory compliance benefits and at the same time help improve marketers’ operational efficiency. We are extremely excited and look forward to working with our Cargas customers.”

About P3 Propane Safety

P3 Propane Safety is one of the leading safety documentation and compliance providers in the propane industry that has helped hundreds of propane marketers across the country efficiently manage their safety documentation and compliance data. The P3 Compliance System is a cloud-based safety documentation system with Error Recognition Technology that analyzes safety documentation for accuracy and completion, flags inspections for follow-up, and creates critical management reports. The P3 Mobile Safety App allows service technicians to complete safety inspections, cathodic protection inspections, and interruption of service forms electronically, which are electronically stored in the P3 Compliance System. Together, the P3 Compliance System and P3 Mobile Safety App allow propane marketers to achieve accurate safety documentation and establish a streamlined auditing process, while increasing operating efficiencies and protecting themselves from unnecessary risk.