P3 Introduces New Functionality for Bulk Plant Managers

P3’s development team is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new functionality for bulk plant managers. We will soon be offering a full-fledged mobile bulk plant inspection functionality that will be available to new and existing customers of P3 at no additional cost. Read this blog post to learn more about the latest inspection form and how it can help aid your propane company in increasing your regulatory compliance accuracy and reducing risk at your facility.

Inspecting Bulk Plants with P3’s Mobile Service

When propane marketers open the bulk plant section of the P3 Compliance System, they will be able to view color-coded bulk plant location pins to quickly identify each plant’s status, date of last inspection, due date for next inspection, and which locations have outstanding issues. Users can then begin a mobile bulk plant inspection, which is constructed to be as efficient and quick as possible.

Mobile Professor™ aids in educating inspectors about code requirements and clarifying what the question is asking. Error-Recognition Technology automatically detects errors or omissions to help ensure that your documentation is accurate and will protect your company in the event of a catastrophic incident and litigation.

Bulk Plant Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Once complete, inspections are digitally generated into a printable report that includes all answers, photos, and comments entered during the inspection. Any issues with the inspection will be easily identified so they can be rectified through a seamless review process. Your safety manager can view everything in one place, making this a critical tool to assist in maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Benefits for Your Propane Facility

  • Review all bulk plant inspections from any location
  • Integrates with other P3 forms including U-1A, Fire Safety Analysis, Operations & Maintenance Manuals, and Annual & Monthly Inspections
  • Monthly and annual bulk plant inspections are easily cataloged for the entire network
  • Virtually eliminate field errors with P3’s Mobile Professor™ & Error-Recognition Technology
  • Save inspection time in the field and at the office by switching to mobile documentation
  • Stay in compliance, reduce liability, and save time

Ready to Get Started?

Existing P3 clients can schedule a new functionality call, while new clients are welcome to reach out for a free demonstration of the platform. We hope you are as excited about this new bulk plant inspection as we are and look forward to discussing how its implementation can increase the regulatory compliance and safety of your propane operation.