Your Partner in Propane Safety

What is P3?

P3 is a web-based software program utilized to develop a highly accurate internal auditing process. The software provides real-time safety documentation and follow-up reporting for your company?s risk management and compliance.

What can it do for your business?

  • Analyzes each and every propane safety and compliance document
  • Detects all safety documentation that is incomplete or inaccurate
  • Identifies targeted training required for your technicians
  • Allows management to remotely audit 100% of your internal safety documentation
  • Provides you with ongoing support, consultation, and management reports that are critical for acting on inspection and replacement processes required by NFPA, OEM specifications, and associated best practices

What does it mean for your customers?

  • Your company has digital access to all safety documentation relevant to each customer?s account
  • The P3 system allows for a more comprehensive record for each customer, so he/she can rest assured knowing that you are keeping track of important propane safety documentation and compliance information
  • Build an added level of trust by letting your customers know you care about the security of their home and family