Do You Have What You Need to Handle Out-of-Gas Calls?

Winter is here! When temperatures drop, propane use goes up. During the colder months, it’s likely that your company will be responding to out-of-gas calls from your customers. You may have handled these out-of-gas or interruption of service situations many times, but do you have the tools you need to document and respond to these situations properly?

Everything You Need for Interruption of Service

Documentation, training, and protocol are essential to track and execute out-of-gas scenarios correctly. These critical components of your safety program can help your employees resolve out-of-gas situations safely and efficiently, while providing the documentation you need to stay compliant with industry regulations. Make sure that…

  • Your documentation protects you.
    It is important to have the most current documentation and an organized document storage system in place. In the event of litigation, legal counsel will need these forms.
  • All employees are trained.
    Out-of-gas or interruption of service situations go beyond your service team. All employees that are involved in responding to an out-of-gas or gas leak must be trained to do so. This includes technicians and customer service representatives.
  • Calls needing follow up are tracked.
    Often, out-of-gas or interruption of service situations require a follow up and documentation of that follow up. Companies that use the P3 Compliance System can easily store, retrieve, and audit their out-of-gas and interruption of service documentation forms. The system can generate management reports and set reminder alerts to make scheduling and completing follow ups much more efficient.
  • Everyone is on the same page.
    Does your company have set policies and procedures? Policies and procedures are the guiding documents that specify the roles, responsibilities, and task execution in your company. Your policies and procedures should clearly indicate the protocol for handling out-of-gas or interruption of service calls.

Need help setting your company up with the tools it needs to handle out-of-gas or interruption of service situations? P3 Propane Safety can help! Contact us to inquire about training, the P3 Compliance System, policies and procedures, and other safety products.