Start Planning Your Propane Safety Training for 2020

The start of a new year, and a new decade, means that it’s time to evaluate your company’s safety program and start preparing for future training needs. Navigating complicated requirements and keeping up with changes to rules and regulations can make identifying your training priorities difficult. The good news is that P3 Propane Safety is available to evaluate your employee training needs, set up required and recommended training sessions when it’s most convenient for you, and travel to your business location to complete training on site.

What Are My Immediate Training Needs?

Safety training in the propane industry can be complex. The first step is narrowing down which requirements your team must meet in order to avoid fines and maintain proper compliance.

  1. Annual Required Training
    Check your records to see which propane training needs to be completed each year, like OSHA Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, DOT Security Plan Training, and other training for local and state requirements. 
  2. 3-Year Refresher Training
    Some propane safety entities, like the Department of Transportation (DOT), have training that must be routinely conducted. For example, the DOT requires that all employees receive refresher hazmat training every three years.
  3. Performance-Based Training
    Make sure your employees are prepared for future responsibilities, like propane container evacuations. During performance-based training, your propane safety expert will evaluate employees on site and determine what training is necessary to take care of their needs.

How Should I Prioritize Propane Training for the Rest of the Year?

Once you identify your team’s immediate training needs, it is important to assess how future training can help your employees build their skills and continue to develop their performance. Talk with a propane safety expert to evaluate your current training program to identify if there are additional opportunities for improvement. P3 Propane Safety offers professional consulting and training services in classroom and hands-on environments, including:

If you aren’t sure where to start, P3 Propane Safety is here to help. Our safety experts are available to help you identify and prioritize your training needs. Contact us to discuss your training needs and to reserve your training dates for the coming year.