4 Ways Ride-Along Driver Evaluations Can Help Your Propane Company

It’s the busiest season for propane companies across the country. Thanks to winter weather, your propane drivers are out making more deliveries, often in poor driving conditions. It is more important than ever to ensure that your propane delivery drivers have the training they need to complete routes safely. Ride-along driver evaluations are an invaluable tool that propane marketers can utilize to evaluate driver skills and compliance protocol, while helping to protect your company from expensive accidents and unnecessary safety hazards.

Here’s why the safety experts at P3 Propane Safety recommend that propane companies schedule ride-along driver evaluations during the winter months:

  • Make the most of your propane training budget
    Unlike other training that can take employees away from their regular duties, ride-along driver evaluations are conducted while staff is performing daily operations. Drivers receive one-on-one training from a propane safety expert while completing their delivery route. That way, your propane delivery company keeps productivity, and expenses, on track.
  • Protect your drivers and your company
    A bobtail accident is an extremely dangerous scenario that can put the driver and your company at risk. Just one accident could cost your company thousands of dollars in equipment damage and potential personal injury costs. During ride-along driver evaluations, your propane safety expert will teach your drivers safety best practices to help avoid expensive accidents.
  • Evaluate performance and identify training needs
    Ride-along propane driver evaluations are designed to benefit your drivers and your management team. Ride-alongs allow trainers to see how your delivery team operates in real time. They can assess where each driver is excelling and where there is room for improvement. Your management team gets an accurate report of each driver’s performance and recommendations if any additional training is needed.
  • Receive risk management review of propane installations
    During a ride-along driver evaluation, your propane safety expert will audit each installation visited along the delivery route. They will evaluate propane gas installations based on NFPA 58 code requirements and identify any installations with compliance issues.

So, why not make the most of your busy delivery schedule? Use this time to your advantage by contacting P3 Propane Safety for more information about ride-along propane delivery driver evaluations.