Why Propane Marketers Are Required to Have Security Plans

Did you know that the Department of Transportation Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR 172.802) requires companies that transport hazmat to have a written security plan? Experts estimate that 30% of propane companies do not have a DOT security plan. A security plan and proper training is essential to avoid safety hazards and ensure that your employees take proper action in the event of a propane emergency.

DOT Security Plan FAQs

Q: Am I required to have a security plan?

Companies that transport hazmat are required to meet specific DOT regulations. This means, if you are a propane marketer, you most likely need a security plan. If you operate a propane cargo tank motor vehicle with a water capacity greater than 792 gallons (like a bobtail), you are required to have a written security plan.

Q: Are there any other security plan requirements?

In-depth training based on your written security plan must be conducted with employees and documented. This ensures all applicable employees are fully trained in accordance with your company’s security plan. Documentation is crucial in the event of a DOT audit. If your security plan or training documentation does not meet requirements, fines can vary—some even as high as $10,000!

Q: How often does my security plan need to be reviewed?

Security plans must be reviewed at least annually, and revised and/or updated as necessary to reflect changing circumstances. Security plan training must be conducted every three years.

Q: I am not sure how to create my security plan. Where do I start?

Meeting DOT requirements is crucial to ensure a safe work environment, avoid costly fines, and protect your company. Reach out to a propane professional to get started. When you choose P3 Propane Safety for your written security plan, you can trust that you’re in good hands. Our safety experts have years of experience conducting safety trainings and creating security plans for the propane industry.

Q: How do I know if my current security plan is in compliance with DOT requirements?

Our safety experts are available to assess your existing security plan and provide any necessary revisions or training.

A written security plan is essential for propane marketers to keep employees and customers safe, avoid expensive fines, and protect the company from risk or litigation. Have more questions? Want to get in touch to start work on your security plan? Contact the experts at P3 Propane Safety to meet your written security plan requirements today.