Policies and Procedures for Propane Marketers

Avoid Risk, Safeguard Assists

When it comes to priorities for propane marketers, safety is certainly a top priority. Despite safety?s critical role in the overall success of a propane business, many marketers still rely on outdated or inconsistent protocols in the fi?eld. Without consistent safety policies and procedures that transverse all locations and technicians, marketers assume more risk than is necessary.

Does Your Company Have Set Policies and Procedures?

Consider your company?s current policies and procedures program. Do written policies and procedures exist and are they adequate? Unfortunately, litigation is engrained in the system within which we operate. To avoid consequences and adhere to your insurance company?s requirements, incorporate these critical components into your safety documentation program.

1. Policies and Procedures Manual

The procedures manual is a collection of individual task procedures that forms the basic guiding document for the consistent completion of core responsibilities and is essential from a safety perspective. The scope of written policies includes language to cover legal issues, customer and employee health and welfare, and/or ethical concerns. When policies and procedures are written, they may be communicated during orientation and regularly reviewed and updated. Your policies and procedures manual can help improve your company?s efficiency, prevent errors and conditions of conflict, and protect your company?s assets.

2. Industry Compliance

Further industry-regulated safety requirements must be met to comprehensively protect your company and your employees. OSHA requirements for Emergency Action Plans and Hazardous Communications Program, along with DOT Training Documentation, can help you avoid costly violation fees and potentially dangerous situations. Additional manuals and guidelines are required for Bulk Plants under NFPA and DOT?s Code of Federal Regulations.

3. Personnel Training

For initial and continuous training, policies and procedures manuals provide step-by-step guidance in providing a safe environment for both employees and customers. You can strengthen the value and effectiveness of policies and procedures by taking advantage of professional classroom review and hands-on training led by qualifi?ed propane experts.
Be proactive and ensure that your company?s policies and procedures are current, consistent, and communicated effectively to all employees. The cost to benefi?t ratio will accrue in your favor.