Results from a New P3 Mobile Case Study

Check out this new case study we conducted with one of our clients, F.F. Hitchcock Company, Inc. in Connecticut.

About the Study

F. Hitchcock Company, Inc. had been using the P3 Compliance System for several years and launched with the P3 Mobile App in the summer of 2020. The P3 Compliance System had helped them electronically store and document their paper forms, and transitioning to P3 Mobile was the next step to completely streamline their safety documentation process from the field to the office.

“The P3 Mobile App and P3 Compliance System have helped our team increase internal efficiencies and maintain compliance in the field,” says John Bowman, owner of F. F. Hitchcock. “Now our safety inspections and leak checks rarely have issues and if they do, the issue is immediately identified for follow up so that we can quickly remediate the problem. Having all of our documentation in one place makes staying compliant fast and easy,” said Bowman.

A Snapshot

P3 is designed to make meeting regulatory requirements and managing safety documentation as simple as possible for propane marketers. In the field, service technicians use the P3 Mobile App to complete mobile safety inspections, leak checks, and other forms quickly and accurately. Mobile forms are automatically uploaded into the P3 Compliance System which helps office personnel audit them for accuracy and completion. Management can use the system’s advanced reporting system to track employee performance and identify training needs in real time. Additionally, P3 has recently integrated with Blue Cow back-office software to make the entire process even more efficient.

Getting Started

“Since we launched P3 Mobile our team has completed over 100 mobile safety inspections in the field,” says Bowman. “Adding new locations to P3 is very effi­cient. Over the past month, we’ve added 30 new locations.”

Blue Cow Integration

Since P3 launched its Blue Cow integration in September of 2020, F. F. Hitchcock has been one of the many P3 users to benefit from the seamless transfer of information between the programs. “Using P3’s integration with Blue Cow completely streamlines the entire safety documentation process. Documentation gathered by technicians in the field is automatically synced with the customer’s account information in Blue Cow which is a huge time-saver for our o­ffice staff,” Bowman said.

Tracking Performance & Identifying Training Needs

Bowman and his management team are taking full advantage of the P3 technician flash report to track performance in the field. “P3’s technician flash report makes it simple for our management team to quantify employee performance so that we can see where individual techs are doing well and where there could be room for improvement,” he says.