P3 Propane Safety Expert Featured in LP Gas Magazine Power Panel

Our executive vice president, Eric H. Leskinen, offered advice to propane marketers in the latest LP Gas Growth Summit issue. Eric joined other industry leaders in the Power Panel to offer recommendations on the best ways to approach the pandemic in 2021. Read on for Eric’s advice for propane marketers:

Establish Safety Procedures

Use mobile technology to minimize customer and employee contact. Using an electronic safety documentation system with mobile features can help maintain social distancing and minimize contact. Technicians in the field can complete inspection forms electronically, which are automatically sent to the customer and the office instead of passing forms back and forth in person. Office staff and management teams have direct access to all of your safety documentation data, whether they are in the office or working from home.

Establish pandemic-specific policies and procedures. It is critical to develop and implement company specific policies and procedures in response to the circumstances of COVID-19. They will outline how your company will operate during the pandemic to mitigate risk while continuing operations as safely and efficiently as possible.

As it gets colder and companies get busier, these policies and procedures will identify how employees will perform tasks during a pandemic and how employees will communicate these adjusted services and protocols to customers.

Take a step back and look at your safety documentation. The average industry error rate is 30 percent. This means 30 percent of your safety documentation could be putting you at risk for expensive scenarios – a major threat to financial well-being during uncertain times. Having a process in place to achieve accurate safety documentation is essential to reducing callbacks and will save billable hours fixing incorrect paperwork.

Click here to read the full Power Panel article from the November 2020 issue of LP Gas Magazine.