Necessary DOT Training for Propane Companies

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) defines hazardous materials (hazmat) as substances that are capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Propane falls under this category, which means your company is required to meet the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) to ensure that all hazmat is packaged and handled safely during transport.
Simply put, propane companies must meet DOT hazmat regulations in order to stay compliant. Companies that do not have the proper training and certifications for these standards are at greater risk for safety hazard, litigation, and regulatory fines.

Who is required to have training?

All employees that perform tasks subject to HMR are required to complete DOT hazmat training. This includes customer service representatives, delivery drivers, service technician, and employees that?

  • Load, unload, or handle hazmat
  • Test, recondition, repair, modify, mark, or represents packages as qualified
  • Prepare hazmat for transportation
  • Are responsible for safety of transporting hazmat
  • Operate vehicles used to transport hazmat
  • Supervise hazmat employees

What does the training include?

  • General Awareness/Familiarization Training: Familiarizes hazmat employees with HMR and basic information regarding hazmat.
  • Function Specific Training: Educates employees on specific practices regarding their duties.
  • Safety Training: Provides employees with emergency response information and measures to protect themselves from the hazards associated with hazardous materials, as well as methods and procedures for avoiding accidents and incidents.
  • Security Awareness Training: Details security risks associated with hazmat transportation, provides ways to enhance security, and teaches how to identify a potential security threat.
  • In-Depth Security Training: Teaches employees about company security objectives, organizational security structure, and specific security procedures and responsibilities, as well as actions to take in the event of a security breach.

When is training required? Do I have to renew training?

Any qualifying individual that is employed on a temporary, part-time, or full-time basis must be trained within 90 days of employment. Refresher training must be performed at least every three years.

Where can I get DOT hazmat training?

P3 Propane Safety is the leading training provider in the propane industry. Our team of propane safety experts have years of experience conducting safety training sessions. Companies that use our DOT training services benefit from a completely personalized experience. Instead of simply reviewing general DOT requirements, we can tailor the training to your company?s specific policies, procedures, and infrastructure so that your employees leave with applicable knowledge and the safety training they need.
Do you keep track of each employee?s completed training? These records are essential to meet DOT requirements, avoid fines, and anticipate renewal deadlines. P3 Propane Safety will provide records for your company of each employee?s completed training.

How much does DOT training cost?

DOT training through P3 Propane Safety is typically a one-day program. For more information about pricing, contact us here.