Major Benefits of Winter Driver Evaluations for Propane Companies

Winter is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for propane marketers. Your delivery team is on the road more often, and they’re dealing with poor weather conditions more regularly. Set up ride-along driver evaluations to assess their performance before it becomes expensive. Driver evaluations provide critical training to your delivery team and important performance information for your management team—without taking time away from daily operations.

5 Reasons Why Winter Driver Evaluations Are Really Worth It

  1. Avoid expensive or dangerous situations
    A bobtail accident could cost your company thousands of dollars! Ride-along driver evaluations conducted by a certified safety expert will help promote safety best practices to your staff. And most importantly, reduce the risk of safety hazards, equipment damage, and potential personal injury costs.
  2. Assess future training opportunities
    Trainers will observe where your drivers are excelling and where they need improvement. This applies to their driving performance and other areas of training as well. Ride-along driver evaluations also include installation risk management compliance reviews. During the evaluation, the trainer will review on-site installations at customer locations and make recommendations for improvement if needed.
  3. Evaluate employee performance
    Scheduling driver evaluations when drivers are regularly dealing with poor weather conditions will benefit them, your management staff, and your company overall. Drivers will get real-time tips from the trainer, and your company will receive an accurate summary of their winter driving habits.
  4. Keep productivity on track
    The biggest benefit of ride-along driver evaluations? There’s no need to take employees away from their duties! Your delivery drivers receive one-on-one training from an industry expert without taking valuable time away from daily operations.
  5. Meet compliance requirements
    Driver evaluations are important to keep your customers and your employees safe. They are also critical to meet important safety regulations. Driver evaluations help you fulfill initial DOT and NFPA 58 requirements, as well as ongoing refresher requirements.

P3 Propane Safety is the industry’s leading safety training and consulting service provider. Work with us to schedule ride-along driver evaluations to take advantage of these valuable benefits!