Featured in LP Gas Magazine: Don’t let policies and procedures manuals collect dust

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A policies and procedures manual is a critical document that every propane company needs to ensure that all employees operate according to a consistent set of guidelines.

If you already have one, you’re in great shape. But it is important to remember that your policies and procedures manual isn’t a one-and-done deal.

Your policies and procedures manual is a living document that should be updated regularly to stay current with changes to codes, regulatory requirements, industry best practices and your company’s daily operations.

Policies are set up to include language to cover legal issues that may arise from the nature of business and employee health and welfare. Procedures cover the who, what, when and how of task performance.

Together, they serve as the master guide for your entire operation and protect your company from risk.

Think about the past few years at your company. Personnel have come and gone, daily tasks have been modified, and codes and requirements have changed. If you needed to rely on your policies and procedures manual from 2018 for a litigation scenario or employee onboarding, would it match up with current practices in 2021?

Propane safety experts recommend that policies and procedures manuals are updated at least annually to maintain their effectiveness for safety, onboarding and risk mitigation. An annual review allows for modifications to be made based on code changes, regulatory requirement updates, ever-changing industry best practices and modified company operations.

That way, you can rest assured that your policies and procedures manual is truly the master guide that you need it to be.

By Eric H. Leskinen, the executive vice president of P3 Propane Safety.