Correctly Documenting Out-of-Gas Situations

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a leak check to be completed after an interruption of service has been restored. Whenever you are made aware of an interruption of service, it’s critical your employees respond the same way every time. This means a standardized policy and training for all involved. Documenting out-of-gas situations and correctly performing a leak check to ensure safety and compliance with propane regulations (NFPA 54 & 58) is of critical importance.

What Does Your Propane Company Need for Documenting Interruption-of-Service Calls?

Written Policies and Procedures

Written policies and procedures are the most efficient way to ensure your team members handle these situations the same way—consistently. These guides specify the roles, responsibilities, and requirements within your company. Be sure to have a policy for handling out-of-gas calls, following up, and documenting each task.

A Highly Trained Team of Employees

Your service employees are not the only ones managing out-of-gas calls from customers. Every employee that could be a point of contact needs to respond in a standardized fashion. This includes drivers, customer service representatives, and management personnel.

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P3 Propane Can Help in More Ways Than One

Our compliance system provides everything you need to accurately and uniformly document interruption-of-service situations. When it comes to out-of-gas scenarios, if it is not documented it didn’t happen.