Top 4 Policies & Procedures You Need for Winter

Leading up to the winter months means propane companies are prepping for the busy season. Does your propane company have in place a set of clearly defined policies and procedures? Policies and procedures should specifically guide your company to identify how exactly you should implement industry, federal, state, and local code requirements within your daily operations. Now more than ever it’s important to make sure you have a Policies & Procedures Manual. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the top four policies and procedures every propane company needs for winter.

Critical Cold Weather Policies & Procedures for Propane Marketers

1. Bobtail Operation

Your propane drivers will be out on the road from here on out. Policies and procedures for bobtail operation ensure that drivers know their exact responsibilities and the steps they must take to uphold company policies.

2. Hazard Warning Tags—Unsafe Conditions

Winter weather can get dangerous quickly. Hard warning tags and unsafe conditions require specific policies and procedures so that all employees know how to minimize risk and respond in unsafe conditions.

3. Interruption of Service Procedures

Service call interruptions are most common during the coldest times of the year. Setting up policies and procedures for these calls ensures that everyone is on the same page. From customer service representatives answering interruption of service calls to the delivery driver and/or service technician dispatched to resolve a situation, policies and procedures will guide your team to respond efficiently and protect your company from unnecessary risk.

4. Leak Checks

Leak checks are another common part of your team’s daily operations requiring specific policies and procedures for maintaining compliance and avoiding unnecessary risk. Policies and procedures not only help employees to complete leak checks properly but also serve as documentation that can protect your company in case of litigation.

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