Rural Computer Consultants Announces New Integration with P3 Propane Safety

P3 Propane Safety and Rural Computer Consultants, Inc. (RCC) are pleased to announce that the RCC software has successfully integrated with the P3 Compliance System. The integration between P3 and RCC sends customer account information from RCC to P3 during the initial data push. Each day, P3 will continue to receive data as new accounts are added to RCC. This creates efficiencies for the mobile application, reduces data entry errors, and helps certify database accuracy.

RCC offers an expansive software suite designed specifically for the unique needs of businesses in the propane and fuel industry. Users benefit from a robust and versatile fuel distribution system, mobile fuel management, cloud hosting, and exceptional software support.

P3 Propane Safety is the industry standard for safety documentation and regulatory compliance. It assists hundreds of propane marketers nationwide in increasing efficiency and reducing documentation error rates with functionalities such as multiple-choice dropdown menus rather than empty form fields.

“We have been impressed with RCC’s desire to constantly improve their offerings for the propane industry—something we invest abundant resources into as well,” said Jane Lapsley, project manager at P3 Propane Safety. “We are pleased to integrate with them to further increase data accuracy and improve the operational efficiency of our mutual clients.”

Freddie Ridler, business growth expert at RCC, said of the partnership, “We are extremely proud of this integration and look forward to empowering customers with the unique value propositions that our platforms have to offer.”

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