Don’t Skip This Step before the Busy Season Kicks Off!

Summer isn’t over yet, but the busy propane season will be here before you know it! Make sure your team is ready to hit the ground running with the right policies and procedures in place to work as effectively and safely as possible.

Keeping delivery drivers and service technicians safe on the job is one of the top responsibilities of any manager or owner at a propane company. Planning ahead is the best way to do this without overwhelming your already-packed to-do list.

3 Steps for Getting Your Employees on the Same Page about PPE

Make sure there is a clear PPE section in your Policies & Procedures Manual

Remember: An employee handbook is not the same thing as a Policies & Procedures manual. Rather than discussing the company’s culture, policies outline how you want to do business, while procedures are a step-by-step guide on how employees should complete each task. For example, you should have a procedure outlining how to respond to an out-of-gas call—a task that every employee should do the exact same way.

There should be a clear PPE section in your Policies & Procedures Manual that employees can easily reference.

Plan an upcoming safety meeting focused on PPE

Speaking of the PPE section of your manual, ask your team to bring it with them to the next safety meeting. Monthly or quarterly safety meetings are recommended by safety experts because regular meetings are an efficient way to cover critical requirements, code updates, and company policies and procedures with employees. The PPE section of your Policies & Procedures Manual is a good place to start.

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Review PPE procedures and refresher information at your next safety meeting

Get your team together before things really get busy to review the PPE section of the manual and any other PPE-related materials that you’ve prepared. This will give long-term employees a refresher and bring any new team members up to speed. With everyone in the same room, you or your service managers can answer questions and cover specific details at once, which will save time and keep everyone safe.

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Don’t Have Time to Plan & Execute a Full Safety Meeting?

We hear you! Organizing and executing a safety meeting on a monthly or quarterly basis takes attention away from your other responsibilities. P3 Propane Safety provides a custom safety meeting process for propane marketers to use throughout the year to make it easy to keep a consistent safety meeting schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our safety meeting process or to talk with a consultant about your propane company Policies & Procedures Manual.