P3 Mobile Service – Better – Faster – Safer

When it comes to propane safety, there’s no room for error. That’s why we at P3 Propane Safety are pleased to announce our new mobile safety inspection service, P3 Mobile. Marketers from Maine to California are partnering with P3 to go paperless and complete safety inspections faster with a greater rate of accuracy and completion. Below are just a few of the new features of P3 Mobile that can help your company to ensure the safety and coverage you need.

P3 Mobile now allows the completion of:

  • Safety inspections
  • Cathodic protection inspections
  • Interruption of service inspections
  • Duty to Warn documentation
  • Photo documentation

The Shocking Error Rate in the Propane Industry

Historically, the industry is averaging a 30% error rate on safety documentation. This means that about one third of the time, your documentation will not protect your company in the case of a catastrophic failure. It makes sense; we have technicians running around completing this critical paperwork in a chaotic field environment. There is no comprehensive system to audit the paperwork, there is never enough time for training, and let’s face it: technicians don’t love paperwork and they don’t like to raise their hands and admit if they don’t understand something.

P3 Mobile Can Help You Reduce Your Error Rate from 30% to Less Than 5%

P3’s mobile service uses drop-down inspection inputs which we call Input Error Reduction. This dramatically limits input mistakes. If a technician has a question about the data input field, they can click on our Mobile Professor which will pop up a mobile “cheat sheet” that provides the details of the inspection process for that field. Perhaps the most exciting feature is our Error Recognition Technology, which will flag any skipped input field or inaccurate test results so that technicians can fix it before they finalize the inspection. P3 Mobile can connect management with technicians like never before. The real-time system facilitates immediate follow-up when the documentation does not meet company requirements; this creates more accountability and better results.

P3 is changing the way that companies complete safety documentation. Contact us today to learn more!