Mobile Solutions for Propane Safety Inspections

Today, more and more propane companies are transitioning from paper to online processes to enhance the efficiency of customer interaction and daily operations. New back-office software and online payment processing are just a few of the many ways propane marketers have implemented online operations into internal business proceedings. Why should safety documentation and compliance procedures be any different?
Safety inspections are a fundamental part of daily operations at every propane company. Paper-driven safety inspection processes are time consuming and yield a significant margin for error. It is crucial that propane marketers adjust internal processes to implement mobile safety inspection technology, like P3 Mobile and the P3 Compliance System, to reduce errors and omissions, improve internal efficiencies, and decrease overall risk.

Significant Advantages of Mobile Safety Inspections

  • Accurate Documentation
    Safety inspection forms have more than 50 fields to complete, making errors and omissions essentially inevitable. Instead of completing form fields by hand, mobile safety inspections offer intuitive prompts and form field options to eliminate factors like illegible handwriting or missed form fields to create 100% accurate and complete safety inspections.
  • Time Savings & Efficiency
    Mobile safety inspections are a significant time saver for technicians in the field. Completing the forms on a tablet means safety inspections are completed faster and more accurately. After a mobile safety inspection form is complete, a copy is automatically sent and stored in an electronic database. Without paper forms, there is no need for cumbersome data entry, disorganized file cabinets, or time-consuming searches for archived documentation.
  • Greater Capacity
    Safety inspections completed faster and more efficiently help to create more billable hours and promote better field performance. Plus, P3 Mobile is available offline, allowing mobile safety inspections to be quickly and easily completed—even in remote locations without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Get a Free Pilot of Mobile Safety Inspections

P3 Mobile Safety Inspections have a clean design, are easy to visually review, and present a professional final product to the customer. After a mobile safety inspection is completed, a copy is automatically emailed to the customer and a copy is automatically sent to the P3 Compliance System where it is electronically stored with the rest of the company’s safety data. P3 Mobile also offers a Photo Documentation component, which helps propane marketers comply with NFPA 54 and 58 requirements and protects the company from liability.
Contact us to inquire about P3 Mobile Safety Inspections and to get a free pilot of the application service.