Operations & Maintenance Manuals 101: Bulk Plant Requirements

Does your company operate a bulk plant? If you store LP gas and fill bobtails to deliver propane to customers, the answer is “Yes.” The NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code requires propane marketers that operate bulk plants to have a written Operations & Maintenance Manual. If your company does not have a written manual for your bulk plant facility, you are at risk of serious safety hazards and regulatory fines!

NFPA 58 O&M Manual Requirements Decoded

  • The Operations & Maintenance Manual is unique to your specific facility and the daily tasks performed by employees there. It must cover all equipment in the facility and must be customized to facility conditions, functions, and operations.
  • All facility activities must have a written procedure. These dictate daily operations and are critical for new employee training. Operations procedures should be documented for company records.
  • Specific procedures are required to maintain the bulk plant facility and its equipment. This includes written procedures for routine facility inspections, equipment maintenance, and manufacturers’ instructions.

Why Your Propane Company Needs an Operations & Maintenance Manual

  • Promote a safe work environment
  • Avoid expensive fines and safety hazards
  • Meet NFPA 58 requirements
  • Meet some OSHA requirements

Make sure that your Operations & Maintenance Manual is up to date (and that you have one!) Contact P3 Propane Safety to review your current plan, create a new plan, or ask questions about additional bulk plant requirements.