P3 Mobile Safety App

Setting a New Standard for Documentation in the Propane Industry

P3 Mobile is a safety inspection application service that is changing how propane marketers document critical paperwork completed in the field. Instead of relying on paper forms, P3 Mobile allows marketers to go paperless and complete safety inspections faster with a greater rate of accuracy and completion.

P3 Mobile Tablet

Solving the Shocking Error Rate in Our Industry

The propane industry averages a 30% error rate on safety documentation. This means that about one-third of your documentation will not protect your company in the event of a catastrophic failure. P3 Mobile and the P3 Compliance System can help reduce your error rate to just 5% so that your company is better protected.

Standout Components of P3 Mobile

P3 Mobile was invented to help our clients meet their regulatory documentation and compliance requirements and has since evolved to become a universal tool that can dramatically increase operating efficiencies both in the field and in the office. Here’s how it works:

  • Input Error Reduction
    Automatic alerts when inspection form fields are incomplete or noncompliant in real time
  • Instantaneous Evaluation
    Completed safety inspections are immediately sent to your office for review
  • Professional, Consumer-Facing Forms
    Neat and easy-to-read forms for your customers
  • Enhanced Technician Performance
    Increases efficiency and reduces paperwork error rate
  • Customized, Hands-On Training
    Evaluates technician performance and identifies opportunities for customized training

More Than Just Mobile Safety Inspections

P3 Mobile is quickly adapting to serve the needs of marketers and the complexities of compliance in the propane industry. P3 Mobile now allows the completion of:

  • Safety inspections
  • Cathodic protection inspections
  • Interruption-of-service inspections
  • Duty to Warn documentation
  • Photo documentation