Transfer Containers

Code Requirements
NFPA 58 — DOT Cylinders
C.3.2.3 All cylinders, including those apparently undamaged, are required to be periodically requalified for continued service. The first qualification for a new cylinder is required within 12 years after the date of manufacture. Subsequent requalifications are required within the periods specified under the requalification method used. Composite material cylinders used under a special permit issued by DOT must be requalified in accordance with the terms of permit.
NFPA 58 — ASME Containers
5.2.14 Containers that show excessive denting, bulging, gouging, or corrosion shall be removed from service.
When a DOT or ASME container needs to be removed from an account because it is time for a requalification, routine maintenance, or closing an account, P3 will help you track that container’s location.
P3 Process
Select Transfer container or close out account from the Reason dropdown menu.
Select the container you would like to remove from the customer location by clicking on the to the right of that container.
You now have the option to place this container back in inventory; this is where you will want to keep it stored while it is being requalified, general maintenance is occurring, and until it is placed at another customer location.

Transfer it to your inventory by placing a check in the box to the left of Inventory and then by clicking .

Next you will want to add the new container you are placing at the customer location, you can do that by clicking .

You can now add all of the data related to the new container and click , and scroll to the bottom of the page and click .
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