Why You Need Policies and Procedures | P3 Propane Safety


Every propane company needs a set of clearly defined policies and procedures to prevent safety hazards and meet critical regulatory requirements.

Safety Program Compliance Checklist

Written to cover legal issues that may arise due to the nature of the business, employee health and welfare, and/or ethical concerns that may put the organization or employee in a position of conflict.

Written to identify individual tasks, who is responsible for the completion of the task, what steps are involved in the process, when each step is undertaken, and how the progression of steps is performed.

Make sure employees are trained to follow company policies and procedures accordingly.

Use a technology-based system with your policies and procedures to electronically store, retrieve, and audit relevant documentation for accuracy and completeness.

Your Custom Policies and Procedures Manual

Policies and procedures created by P3 Propane Safety are designed to help your company meet required industry regulations while being completely customized to your company’s specific needs. Additionally, your policies and procedures manual guides employee training and your safety documentation process.

Policies and Procedures in BPN Magazine

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