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P3 is a patent pending software?that automatically analyzes?safety inspection forms for accuracy and completeness.

What P3 Can Do for Your Company

  • Store and access 100% complete and accurate files
  • Allow electronic storage and retrieval of safety documentation
  • Make remote auditing easy for all inspections
  • Focus training where it is needed
  • Save time and money
  • Produce management reports for every critical area

Why It Is Important

  • Statistically 35% of safety inspection forms are inaccurate or incomplete ? increasing risk
  • Using P3 can result in having 100% accurate and complete records ? reducing risk
  • Paper records are clumsy to store and retrieve
  • Only P3 takes important safety information from thousands of customers and creates actionable management reports for every important area of your safety documentation program

Reduce Risk. Save Time. Save Money.