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Propane Training Trivia

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Q: Employees must receive DOT hazmat training within how many days of employment?

A: Employees must receive training within 90 days of employment. Until training is complete they cannot work unsupervised.

Q: CETP training helps propane marketers meet requirements of which gas code?

A: NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code. CETP training is also used to meet many other industry requirements.

Q: Which employees are required to receive authorized training to stay compliant with OSHA regulations?

A: OSHA training is required for all employees that may face hazards on the job; this may include delivery drivers, service technicians, and customer service representatives.


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DOT, CETP, and OSHA are just a few of the many training services that P3 Propane Safety offers. Things will be slowing down soon, so book your training for 2019 before our calendar fills up! Whether you need several days of training or are seeking a total safety program overhaul, we can help. Contact us to find out what your company needs to stay compliant.