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DOT Compliance Review Audits for Propane Companies

DOT Compliance Reviews can be conducted at any time! It is crucial that your company is prepared BEFORE you are notified that the DOT will be performing a Compliance Review at your company. You could save thousands of dollars in possible fines by correcting problems now, instead of waiting until an actual DOT Compliance Review occurs.


What Is a DOT Compliance Review?

A Compliance Review is an on-site and/or targeted off-site examination of a motor carrier’s operation by a State or Federal safety investigator to determine a motor carrier’s safety fitness. The Compliance Review focuses on a carrier’s management controls, operational performance, accident history, and compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and Hazardous Materials Regulations, as applicable.

P3’s DOT Compliance Review Audit Process

During the review process, recommendations will be made for correcting identified deficiencies. Additionally, a detailed audit report will be provided regarding the findings of the Compliance Review, including specific guidance on how to address noncompliance items.

At a minimum the following items will be audited for compliance:

  • Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing records – Part 382 (49 CFR 382.401)
  • Semiannual lab statistical summaries – Part 382 (49 CFR 382.40 631-3927)
  • Minimum Levels of Financial Responsibility – Part 387 (49 CFR 387.7 or 387.31)
  • Accident register and accident reports – (49 CFR 390.15)
  • Driver qualification and driver qualification files – Part 391 (49 CFR 391.51)
  • Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance files, including maintenance records, driver vehicle inspection reports, and periodic inspection reports – Part 396 (49 CFR 396.3, 396.11, and 396.17)
  • Roadside inspection reports – (49 CFR 396.9(d)(3)(ii))
  • Hours of Service review for commercial motor vehicle drivers – Part 395 (49 CFR 395.8)
  • Hazmat Incident Reporting DOT Form 5800.1
  • DOT Security Plan – (49 CFR Subpart I – 172.80 & 172.802)
  • DOT Hazmat training – (49 CFR 172.704)

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