Container Placement Requirements | P3 Propane Safety

Make It Easy to Meet NFPA 58 Container Placement Requirements

Monitoring and documenting DOT cylinder and ASME tank placement is critical to meet Chapter 6 NFPA 58 requirements. Not doing so could put your customers and your company at serious risk!

Quick Checklist

Container Foundation
Is the cylinder or tank set on the proper foundation?
Container Location
Is the cylinder or tank the minimum distance required?
Container Condition
Is the cylinder or tank in safe working condition?

Use Photo Documentation to Track Container Placement

The P3 Compliance System photo review process is the new industry standard for container placement tracking. Photos from the field are synced to your database to be reviewed in the office, saving your team so much time! Then, you can flag any problem container placements for follow-up and have documented evidence of proper container placements.

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