Interruption of Service Protocol | P3 Propane Safety

What You Need for Interruption of Service this Winter

Make sure your propane company has the proper protocol to handle Interruption of Service situations safely and efficiently. Training and documentation are crucial to protect your customers from dangerous situations and protect your company from unnecessary risk or liability. Here’s what you need:

Policies and Procedures

What is your policy regarding Interruption of Service and how do you handle out-of-gas calls? Does your service team have written procedures to follow?


Does your company have a script for customer service representatives to use when they receive these calls? Are your delivery drivers and service technicians prepared to correctly perform and document these scenarios?


We’ve all heard it: if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Documentation is especially critical for interruption of service and out-of-gas calls because correctly documenting your work will protect your company and the individual performing the work.

We Know You’re Busy: We Make Compliance Easy

P3 Propane Safety has all the tools you need to make dealing with and documenting interruption of service situations safe and efficient. Contact us to learn more about Policies & Procedures, training, and safety documentation.