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NFPA 58 Compliance for Propane Marketers

Cathodic testing and documentation is required under of NFPA 58, 2011 edition, for propane companies that have installed or serviced underground tanks from 2011 and on.

Are You Engaged & Currently Up-to-Date with Cathodic Protection Testing Requirements?

✓   Do you have an initial testing record and inspection form?
✓   Do you have a completed follow-up testing, as required on a timely basis?
✓   Do you utilize technology or any system to track these follow-ups?
✓   Are your cathodic tests documented and accessible?
✓   Are your employees trained in proper cathodic testing methods?

P3 Makes It Easy

If any of the above questions cause hesitation, contact the experts at P3 Propane Safety for hands-on training and P3 Compliance System to track cathodic protection test dates and document results.

Hands-On Training

P3’s propane safety experts provide training for field employees on proper cathodic testing methods.

P3 Compliance System

The P3 Compliance System is a cloud-based software that has the capability to store, retrieve, and view your safety documentation and compliance data. The P3 Compliance System documents cathodic testing documentation and generates management reports to alert you when testing is due. It can detect missing information or errors and inform you of what corrective action is required.


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