Tank Asset Tracking

Understanding where your company’s containers are located is critical and P3’s Tank Asset Tracking is a great way to keep that information organized. This week’s Tip is a general overview of the Tank Asset Tracking section of P3 and what its various sections are.
propane tank asset tracking
Inventory — Containers that are not currently at a customer location, they are either new or have been returned from customer siteArchived Review Required — A container that was associated with an account that was archived — further research is required to determine where the container currently resides

Retired — The container has reached the end of its useful life and has been removed from the field

Shop Repair — The container has come back to the shop and is undergoing some sort of repair, such as being painted

@ Remanufacturer — Any containers that have been sent out to be refurbished

Follow Up Needed — Any container you have in P3 that has been flagged as needing corrective action and any DOT cylinder you have in the field that has an expired requal date will be listed here

In service — All of the containers that you have that are currently at your customer locations

If you have any questions about how to move containers around within Tank Asset Tracking click here.

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