Tank Asset Tracking – Moving Containers

This week’s Tip of the Week will focus on the Tank Asset Tracking section of the P3 database. Appropriately identifying and categorizing your containers is critical for properly maintaining your tank asset records.
Tank Asset Tracking can be found at the center of the navigation bar at the top of the website. Once you are on the Tank Asset Tracking page you will be able to see how many tanks you have In Inventory and In Service, as well as any containers that have Follow Up Needed, are out for Remanufacture, are in the shop for repair, or were located at an account that was archived.

It is simple to move containers around in Tank Asset Tracking. Let’s use the example that a container was removed from a customer’s home and brought back to inventory. The tank needs to be repainted, so now you want to move it to Shop Repair.

You can select the full list of tanks in your inventory by selecting the number under Tanks ? All Sizes.
Put a check mark to the left of the container you would like to move and select the icon.
Choose Shop Repair and click the button. You will now find that container located under Shop Repair until the proper maintenance has been completed and the container is moved to inventory or to a customer location.
Tip of the Week