Reports Menu

When you login to P3 and access the reports menu, you will notice that there have been some changes. We’re grouping like reports together to create more space for additional reporting functionality as we continue to grow and refine P3.
menu image
You will now see reports broken down like this:

  • Dashboard
  • Activity Reports & Analysis
    • Activity Report
    • Safety Inspection Flash Report
    • Account Safety Documentation Status
    • Technician Performance Report
  • Leak Checks & Operating Tests
    • System Leak Flash Report
    • Pressure Test Flash Report
    • Flow/Lockup Flash Report
  • Photo Documentation
  • Containers
    • DOT Cylinder Expiration Report
    • Cathodic Protection Flash Report
    • Bar Probe Flash Report
  • Regulators and Piping
    • Regulator Expiration Report
    • Regulator Recall Report
    • CSST Flash Report
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