Regulator Replacements

This week’s Tip of the Week will focus on how to use Enter Service to document and track your Regulator Replacements.

If a regulator in the field has reached the end of its recommended service life, today’s Tip will help you to document and record the replacement.

See table below for the regulator service life logic that is built into P3.

Manufacturer Service Life
(in years)
REGO (1995 or later) 25
REGO (prior to 1995) 15
Fisher 20
Kosan 25
Marshall Excelsior (MEC) 25
Cavagna 25
Sherwood 12
Manchester 12
Fairview 12
Maxitrol 12
As a reminder: If the service provided and documented is something other than a complete safety inspection (e.g., installing or replacing an appliance, a container swap, or regulator replacement) it should be entered using the Enter Service functionality.

Good Safety Inspection on File

New Equipment Installation
Form Documenting Regulator Replacement
Once you have selected Enter and then Service from the drop-down menu, you will next select Regulator Replacement from the Reason menu.
Next, you will simply scroll to the Regulators section and click on the icon, which allows you to replace the regulator that is currently at that location.
From there, you will be able to enter all of the data relating to the replacement regulator, and then click Replace.
Finally, you’ll want to enter any necessary system tests and click Save.

For more detailed information about inspection and installation best practices, click here.

Next time we’ll plan to cover Adding or Removing White/Orange Tags under the Enter Service functionality.

If you have any questions about this functionality or any other part of P3, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by replying directly to this email or by calling 207.712.8224.



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