New Appliance Installations

We are continuing our discussion about the various uses of the Enter Service option in P3. Today we’ll cover New Appliance Installations and Replacements.

As a reminder: If the service provided and documented is something other than a complete safety inspection (e.g., installing or replacing an appliance, a container swap, or regulator replacement) it should be entered using the Enter Service functionality.

Enter as a Safety Inspection

Enter as Service
If the service that is completed only provides documentation of the equipment that was added (or is serving as a replacement) and any necessary operating tests, you can enter that form under Service.
Once you have selected Enter and then Service from the drop-down menu, you will next select New Appliance Installation.
Next, click on in order to record the equipment that was installed at the home. You will then be able to add all equipment information as you would in a Safety Inspection.
Once the appliance info has been saved you’ll need to enter the necessary operating test results in the System Checks section, and then Save the inspection.
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