Introducing: Enter Service

In the coming weeks you will see some pretty major changes to the way the P3 system works as far as entering service work goes. You will see a new option, Enter Service. This section of the system will give you access to all of the information that has been recorded for an account and allow you to add, edit, and remove important data as needed. Enter service will allow you to take care of all of the following actions in one place:

  • Add or remove tags
  • System turn-ons
  • Transfer containers or close accounts
  • Leak and system checks
  • New appliance installations
  • Regulator replacements
  • Tune-ups

Next week we’ll talk about this in a bit more detail and show you what it will actually look like, but we just wanted to let you know for now that it’s coming soon!

If you missed last week’s Tip about archiving accounts and transferring containers, you can find that here.