Flagged Photo Inspection Resolution

For this week’s Tip, we will revisit how to remove a Photo Inspection that has been flagged on the dashboard. If a photo inspection has been pushed to the dashboard, and you have since returned to the account and fixed the issue in question, just follow these simple steps to remove the flag from your dashboard.

Resolving a Photo Inspection Review is a three-step process.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Review

First, acknowledge the review by clicking on the date located next to the inspection you’d like to address (found on the right-hand side of the screen).
Once you have opened the review, acknowledge the comments that were left, provide any relevant information in the Comments section, and click .

  • Removal of a flag from the dashboard requires a photo to be uploaded:
    • If new pictures are required due to a site visit and correction, upload the new photos
    • If the resolution is n the form of comments from the installer (e.g., John reported window is sealed), you can reuse the original picture.

    Tip: Reusing the same picture you can right click on the picture and save to a file.

Step 2: Enter the Updated Photo Inspection

Step 3: Enter Comments
Enter comments on the photo upload, referencing the reason for the pictures.
Once you add your photos and comments, you then click . Your flagged photo inspection will be removed from the dashboard.

Always remember on every data entry screen, you have to click Save or Cancel when leaving the screen.

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